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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Doctors, for the Doctor who has everything!

Gift Ideas for Doctors

Doctors spend their life caring for others, sometimes its nice to show them your appreciation. You may be looking for gift ideas for doctors because you want to say thank you to someone who is a doctor or maybe you have a client who is a doctor? If not then maybe you have a family member who is a doctor? There are many blogs out there that will give you the usual ‘bottle of wine’ or ‘bubble bath’ links however we here at Gift it Right like to think a little more outside of the box. The list of products you will find here are most likely to be products that the doctor you are purchasing for has never even heard of! Subsequently if you just want a normal gift, you are in the wrong place. Hold on to your hat as we fly through the Gift it Rights top 10 gift ideas for Doctors.

Stethoscope Clock Gift Ideas for Doctors

1. Stethoscope Clock £12.99

This little clock is a well kept secret, most doctors have never seen it however it is so incredibly useful! As you may well know, Doctors must be bare below the elbow when in the hospital. This means they are not able to wear a watch.

Many refuse to use a fob watch because “That’s what Nurses wear”, which often mean you find hospital doctors having watches in their pockets or using their mobile phones (Not the most professional). However this amazing little device slides onto your stethoscope. It shows the time, the date and also has a timer for when you are checking a pulse!

Stethoscope Clock, Available from for just £12.99

2. Something to wrap the gift it? From £1.99

If you are going to get a totally unique gift, you should probably wrap it in a completely unique way.

We have a number of different gift wrap options here at gift it right. Our medical gift wrap consists of a medication design, however we have an ‘Anatomy’ design as well as a number of different Science designs.

Click the link to see our full list of Gift Wrap starting at £1.99

Please do not confuse your google search with my medical degree

3. Please do not confuse your Google Search with my medical degree £9.99

Another idea from the medinc website is the ‘Please do not confuse your Google Search with my Medical Degree mug’.

Nothing infuriates a doctor more than patients (Like Ant-Vaxers) who have spent 10 minutes on google, have found some post from someone and then thinks they know more than the doctor!

Please do not confuse your google search with my medical Degree available on Medinc for just £9.99

X-Ray Glass Coaster set of 5

4. Somewhere to put your Google Mug!

Our set of 5 X-Ray Coasters are very popular with Doctors. Not only are they thick solid glass coasters with great image quality but the unique images make them perfect conversation pieces.

Black goes with everything, because of this these coasters fit into any home no matter on the design scheme of the room.

Each Coaster has a perfect X-Ray image printed on it. Each pack will contain 1 of each of the designs: Skull, Chest, Hip, Hand and Foot.

X-Ray Glass Coaster Set of 5 £14.99

General Practitioner Doctor Flash Drive 8GB USB

5. Doctor Flash Drive 8GB

Most professionals need to store personal or non confidential work files somewhere, and that is often true of doctors too. Things like personal development files, research papers and potential publications need to be backed up.

What better place to store them than a Little Doctor! This handy little guy can store up to 8GB of files and is therefore more than capable of keeping all those documents handy and backed up!

Doctor Flash Drive 8GB Just £12.99

Syringe Pen and Plaster Sticky Notes Pack

6. Syringe Pen and Plaster Sticky Notes Pack

Ever had someone at work steal your pen? Or do you notice that it is impossible to keep your pens at work? Having a completely unique pen is almost impossible, until now!

This amazing pack contains 2 pens shaped like syringe’s and 2 sticky notes designed like plasters that are great for marking pages in books or text.

The syringes contains coloured water (1 Red and the other just clear) but both write in black ink. This is because all UK medical professionals are required to write in black ink on any medical documents.

Syringe Pen and Plaster Sticky Notes Pack just £4.99

Anatomy Chopping Board

7. Chopping Board for the Kitchen

The Anatomy Chopping board is great for any surgeon or surgeon wannabe’s out there.

Makes cutting up the veg far more interesting when you are pretending to be a surgeon!

This chopping board is great quality with solid tempered glass and a beautiful colour image. There are also some rubber feet on the base for non slip because people have be known to get a bit over excited when chopping on here.

Anatomy Chopping Board just £12.99

6 Bone Shaped Paperclips

8. 6 Bone Shaped Paper Clips

Paperwork is almost always the boring part. ‘Get a Grip’ have come up with a great way to alleviate some of that boredom with these awesome bone shaped paper clips.

With 6 White paper clips in the shape of a bone this will really make your paperwork stand out.

Yes it might be a little macabre but doctors love them! Particularly Orthopaedic Doctors

6 Bone Shaped Paper Clips just £4.99

Stethoscope Cufflinks Gift Ideas for Doctors

9. Stethoscope Cufflinks

So this may be a little more mainstream than the rest of our suggestions but the Stethoscope cufflinks are often adored by many.

The small size and design means they add just a small touch of “I’m a Doctor” without being over the top. A very British way to tell people you are a doctor.

These brilliant little guys come in a small black jewellery box and are ideal for the doctor who like to go out to dinner.

Stethoscope Cufflinks just £14.99 

Stethoscope Laptop Decal

10. Stethoscope Laptop Decal

Does the doctor you are buying for own a laptop? Then our stethoscope laptop decal could be the perfect way for them to customise their laptop.

The fun design can easily be peeled off without leaving any marks or residue.

These will fit any design and size of laptop.

Stethoscope Laptop Decal just £6.99

End of Gift Ideas for Doctors

Well thats the end of our list of Gift Ideas for Doctors. If you have any comments on the gifts that we have suggested, or have any gifts that you would like to suggest then by all means leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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