GeNiUS Periodic Table Glass Coasters 10cm Set of 4


  • Set of 4 GeNiUS Periodic Table Glass Coasters.
  • Wipe Clean Surface.
  • Rubber Feet to Protect the Surface.
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GeNiUS Periodic Table Glass Coasters 10cm Set of 4

Set of 4 10cm GeNiUS Periodic Table Glass Coasters Heat Tempered to strengthen the coasters. Each coaster has a different element design. Each coaster has the one of the designs: Germanium, Nickel, Uranium, Sulfur ( GeNiUS ). A set contains one of each design.

What will you receive?

4 x GeNiUS Periodic Table Glass Coasters, each with a different design.

Each one has an easy clear smooth glass surface and rubber feet to protect your surfaces.


While every effort is made to make these designs accurate, these coasters may not be an accurate depictions of the expected elements and they may not be to the correct scale. As a result, do not use these in a real situation or as part of your Science studies. Gift It Right cannot be held responsible for exam failures. Most of all please use the appropriate library resources provided by your university. Your studies are very important to Gift It Right and we have a number of products to support your time studying. You should be aware that this support is not factual based and is the opposite to a study guide. You should therefore not use any diagrams or images used on Gift It Right products as appropriate study aids.

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