Capsule Pens in mock medication packaging


This is one box containing 4 Capsule Pens
Fun mock medication packaging with ‘warnings’ on the back
Telescoping mechanism extends the pen to fit nicely in your hand
Pens write in BLACK ink as required by uk medical professionals.


Capsule Pens in mock medication packaging

The Medinc capsule pens have been thoughtfully designed to provide a fun and unique gift. The outer box is designed much like a packet of off the shelf medication. It has fun warnings on the back. Including the very important ‘This is not medication’. We strongly recommend that the capsule pens are not put into your mouth or any other place you may put medication. When the outer box to the capsule pens is opened you will find a single tray inside, much like medication. As you slide out the tray you will find 4 capsule pens vacuum packed. Each of the capsule pens can then be ‘popped’ out of the packaging.

As this product is often given to medical professionals or NHS staff, we made these with Black ink. Please note the ink is black and not the colour of the capsule. We do also sell highlighters in the same design, these will be the colour of the capsule.

What you will receive

1 x Mock medication box containing 4 capsule pens. Each pen writes in black ink.

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