6 Syringe Pens in Gift Packaging


  • 6 Syringe Pens with Black Ink (as required by UK medical professionals)
  • Comes in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple and Clear
  • New high quality Medinc packaging make these the perfect gift
  • Sent from the UK, average delivery time 3 days from order.
  • Colours sent at random from Pink, Orange, Red, Clear, Yellow, Purple, Green and Blue
  • All Pens Write in BLACK INK (as required by UK medical professionals, Pens Do Not Write in the Colour of the Barrel.


6 Syringe Pens in Gift Packaging

This awesome pack of 6 syringe pens is the best way to give the pens as a gift. Each Gift Pack has 6 different colours however all pens write in black ink. Medinc Pens write in black ink because all UK medical professionals are required to write in black ink. If you are looking for a totally unique and fun gift for someone working in a medical field then consider the Syringe Pens Gift Pack. The syringe pens gift pack can make a great gift for a doctor, a nurse or paramedic.

You will receive:

1 x Syringe Pens Gift Pack will contain 6 pens. Each one has a different outer colour but all write in Black ink.


The Gift Pack is not a medical device and should not be used in emergency situations. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to ‘inject’ yourself with the pens as it may cause injury. Please also be aware that using the Syringe in public may cause distress. Some people find it hard to differentiate between an actual syringe and these pens. It is therefore recommended that you explain the pen to those around you before using it. Those of a sensitive nature can be offended by this item, please be considerate of their feelings.

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