Doctor Flash Drive 8GB


  • 8 GB USB
  • Comes in clear plastic blister pack as shown making it a great gift
  • 8GB USB Flash Drive comes with a 2 Year warrenty


Doctor Flash Drive.

It is always said that the best students always come prepared. Well if you arrive to Medical School with our Doctor Flash Drive you will be ready for anything the teachers can throw at you. With 8GB of storage the Doctor Flash Drive allows you to backup not only all your vital notes but also important images.

Computers crash all the time and loosing your all your lecture notes can be a complete nightmare. Use the Doctor Flash Drive to keep all your files save and secure.

The plastic Flash Drive will keep your files safe and secure in your pocket or handbag. The fun design of the item means he is easily recognisable and not easily lost. The easy to move legs and arms means he can easily be positioned into exciting poses and will look interesting stood on a shelf rather than looking messy.

What you will receive:

1 x 8GB USB Doctor Flash Drive in a plastic blister packet. The plastic packaging slides off a solid card base meaning you can easily access the flash drive without scissors or knives.

About the item:

Each of our Flash Drives can hold up to 8GB of files. The thick plastic of the Doctor helps to protect your files. The ‘Head’ lid of the Doctor keeps the USB clean and stops particles getting in and damaging your drive. 

Compatible with the all versions of Windows, Macos (for apple Mac’s) Smart TV’s and much more.

The Doctor Flash Drive is a great gift for medical Students, teachers, Science professionals and those that deal with medicine on a regular basis. The Flash Drive is also a great stocking filler for geeky children who love Medicine and medical TV shows.

The Doctor Flash Drive comes with a 2 Year Warranty.

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