A5 Capsule Notebook


  • 1 x Medinc ringbound A5 note book
  • Contains approx 200 pages
  • Great gift for medical students, teachers, medical professionals and those that deal with medication.


Capsule Notebook

It is always said that the best students always come prepared. Well if you arrive to your pharmacology lesson with our lined and ringbound A5 Capsule Notebook you will be ready for anything the teachers can throw at you. The thick cover of the Pharmacology Medical Notebook can even help to bat away literally most (N.B We do not recommend using this item for self defence) things your pharmacology teacher might throw at you. Although unfortunately the Pharmacology notebook is not water proof it can survive most accidents that can happen in a busy pharmacology lesson.

The Pharmacology Medical Notebook has approximately 200 pages. This means there is loads of space for your notes, but not so big that your notes get lost. In the Pharmacology Medical Notebook lines are 8mm apart. This makes your Pharmacology Medical Notebook ideal for taking notes in during a pharmacology lesson and still be able to read them or find the right text when you skim back through.

What you will receive:

1 x A5 Ringbound Capsule Notebook with approximately 200 pages.

About the item:

Each of our Pharmacology Medical Notebook contains approx 200 pages. The thick front and back cover of the Pharmacology Medical Notebook helps to protect your notes. Metal ring side biding of the Pharmacology Medical Notebook keeps your pages secure and stops them from falling out. Elastic binding of the Pharmacology Medical Notebook helps to keep your place during note taking.   

Great gift for Medical, Nursing or Pharmacology Students, teachers, Science professionals and those that deal with medication on a regular basis. The Pharmacology Medical Notebook is also a great stocking filler for geeky children who love medicine and want a future in medicine.

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